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Papa Canon (Cannonau)

Papa Canon (Cannonau)

If your father is truly a "canon," then the Cannonau "Ghirada Fittiloghe" from Mamoiada is the perfect Father's Day gift—it's a wine as remarkable and unique as he is!

Let yourself be transported to Mamoiada, a unique terroir nestled in the heart of Sardinia. Visit the organic estate "Vike Vike" (meaning "Look, Look" in Sardinian) run by Simone Sedilesu, a passionate young winemaker.

The Cannonau "Ghirada Fittiloghe" (cru), fermented spontaneously in stainless steel tanks, is a pure expression of this region located at 700 meters altitude on granite soils.

You will discover a wine that is both agile and marked by beautiful acidity, perfect for pairing with Malloreddus pasta and spicy sausage. A true invitation to journey and explore the essence of Sardinia.

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