Gérard Bakery Crowdfunding Launch Aftermovie

The story of Gerard Bakery started with a simple idea: We only produce the best!

Nowadays, finding a good bakery is difficult and with the few that exist, you are confronted with long waiting queues where you wait your turn, only to find out they are all sold out!
At Gerard Bakery we aim to solve this problem by bringing the best quality bread to your doorstep, and we can get there quickly with YOUR help!

Our Chef Sébastien will need a big bakery kitchen, giving him the creative freedom needed to produce top quality products. For this kitchen to work, we need stone ovens, special proofing chambers for dough to rest, items that are quite expensive and often custom made.

This is where you come in: we are organizing a crowdfunding campaign to help build our future and bring our mission to life. On May 12th we are hosting a big event at Jeux D'Hiver in Brussels, where we will be launching our campaign and where you will get the opportunity to taste our top-quality bread. If this isn't reason enough, you will also get the chance to win a private dinner for 6 people cooked by our own Chef Sébastien.

Thank you for supporting us through this delicious journey! We knead you ;)

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