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Breakfast Advent Calendar

Get ready to unwrap 24 days of happy breakfasts with our Gérard Bakery advent calendar. 🎁

From the 1st of December until Christmas Eve, each window of our Advent Calendar reveals a delightful breakfast surprise – a showcase of the incredible talents and flavors of our dedicated suppliers, as well as our very own scrumptious treats. You'll unwrap artisanal delights, discover handcrafted wonders, and indulge in the finest products that have made our bakery a beloved local treasure.


Try to win our Grand Prize: a delicious panettone created by our chef Sébastien! Only one of our calendars will give you the chance to win this fabulous creation... who knows, maybe you'll be the lucky winner! 🥳

Order Until 4 pm for Next Day Delivery

Order unitl 4 pm the day before for next-day delivery.

Discover what's in the advent calendar

  • Granola Nature - Gérard
  • Chocolate Granola - Gérard
  • Flower Honey - BeesAPI
  • Forest Honey - BeesAPI
  • Caramel Choco - Eugène
  • Pure Praline Paste - Eugène
  • Quince Jam - Gérard
  • Lavender Tea Bag - Local Tea
  • Ginger Tea Bag - Local Tea
  • Green Tea Bag - Local Tea
  • Camomille Tea Bag - Local Tea
  • Speculoos - Maison Dandoy
  • Speculoos Vanille - Maison Dandoy
  • Free Delivery - Gérard Bakery x 3
  • Voucher for a Croissant Box - Gérard Bakery
  • Voucher for a Chocolate Bread box - Gérard Bakery
  • Voucher for a Cinnamon Bun - Gérard Bakery
  • Voucher for a Swiss Roll - Gérard Bakery
  • Voucher for a Chocolate Twister - Gérard Bakery
  • Chocolate
  • Hot Chocolat Milk on a Stick - Choc O Lait
  • Salted Butter Caramel - Gérard