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With this subscription, we ensure you that the bread you will receive is organic, locally produced with Belgian flour and made out of a variety of old grains that ensures you to have a more tasteful and digestible product.
  • Small: 1 bread (800g) & 1 baguette (300g)     
  • Medium: 2 breads & 2 baguettes
  • Large: 3 breads & 3 baguettes

Note: All our bread is delivered uncut. In this way it keeps its optimal flavor and freshness for a longer period of time up until 4-5 days.

Shipping €4,5 Per Delivery

Gérard Bakery will deliver your breakfast for the Tuesday delivery before 7am and for Saturday or Sunday delivery before 9am.

Handled With Love

All Gérard's products are created, assembled, and delivered with love!

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