Discover Gérard Bakery's Bread

Traditional Baguette

Made with a white wheat T 65 flower sourced from the best local suppliers, this baguette has 36 hours proofing time which gives it all the sweetness and wonderful expression that everyone always love to find and taste in a baguette!

Pain de Campagne

Made with rye and white wheat flower, this bread will remind you of your childhood! After 36 hours proofing time, we handle the bread in a specific way to give it this unique shape called “batârd” in French. Smaller and larger than a baguette, you’ll find in this bread some sourness that comes from the rye flower which perfectly balances the sweetness of the white wheat and provides you a taste that you won’t forget!

Pain de petit épeautre

Made with 100% “eenkorn” flower, this bread will remain perfectly fresh for one week at least. This flower will surprise you in many ways! As it doesn’t have lots of gluten you’ll find this bread very digestible. Using only eekoorn flower brings a wonderful roasted nuts note to the loaf which characterizes the taste of this flower so well. I’m sure you won’t resist when you’ll taste it and you‘d like to have another bite!