About us

Gérard Bakery was created to provide everyone with quality bread for their most essential meal of the day: breakfast.

As breakfast lovers, starting a good day means eating food that gives us substance and fuels to help us achieve amazing things. Whether you favour granola bowls or some toast, Gérard has it covered with its wide variety of products !

Behind Gérard...

Picture of Master Chef Sébastien in his chef suit while holding one of its creations, namely a baguette tradition.

Meet Sébastien

Sébastien Thiel is our gifted master chef behind Gérard's amazing recipes. The Brussels cook came to France to study in Lyon, capital of gastronomy, at the Paul Bocuse Institute. After graduating, he began working as an assistant to the head chef at a prestigious palace in Paris, then as a head chef at a two-star Michelin restaurant in Belgium.

Following these successful experiences, he went on to pursue a master's degree at the Vlerick Business School in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, where he would eventually meet Marion and Philippe. Together, they created the innovative online boulangerie, Gérard Bakery.

His favorite Gérard pastry ? 'The Craquelin', a brioche with an extremely tender crust.

Meet Marion

Marion Waterkeyn is our multi-task star. At only 24, she manages our website, ensures that every order arrives correctly, keeps in touch with suppliers and handles the brand's marketing.

This Antwerp born native flew to the United States for her studies at Rider University (New Jersey), where she graduated in Finance and Accounting. In her free time, she plays field hockey and tennis. She also enjoys musicals, travelling and spending time with her friends !

Her Gérard's favorite ? The classic but exquisite 'pain au chocolat' !

Meet Philippe

Philippe Bossens runs Gérard's finances and strategy, while also handling its marketing aspect. He graduated in applied economics from K.U.Leuven, and holds two masters degrees, one in international business strategy and innovation, the other in entrepreneurship and innovation.

He is passionate about making a great product while working on its operational efficiency. In his free time, he enjoys taking photos and shooting videos, which explains all Gérard's well-done photographs. He is also an avid cook, so Gérard Bakery has been the perfect combination of both his passions.

The Gérard treat he can't resist ? Our delicious 'cinnamon roll' !

Meet PJ

Pieter-Jan Philips, also known as PJ, is our incredible tech enthusiast from Ghent. He studies how technology transforms ideas into practical solutions. From creating applications to optimizing delivery systems, he's eager to turn concepts into reality. For him, technology is meant to simplify our lives.

PJ thrives on finding new ways to simplify daily business tasks : let's use technology to improve our workflow.

His favorite Gérard treat ? Also our yummy 'cinnamon roll' !

How it all started...

Gérard Bakery is the result of a university project between Séb, Marion and Philippe, all three Master's graduates of the Vlerick Business School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In order to launch this project, they needed a concept : within two days, they gathered all the necessary equipment and successfully set up a pop-up bakery in a small basement in Leuven !

In response to this success, they decided to expand their idea by relocating in Brussels around March 2023. They have since built a licensed workshop in Haren where customers don't need to enter to get their treats.

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