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Our croissants will butter up your team! Let us help you start or end your week on a good note! A study of Gérard* proofs employees to be 100% more productive with a croissant in their belly!

*Study performed by the institution of baked goods by Gérard Bakery . After 1 year of croissants the team never lost energy and worked twice as hard as ever before. Notably , they also become more happy after every croissant.
  • Want to bring your co-workers back to the offices?

  • What about your Standup meetings with a croissant in your hand?

  • Have something to celebrate?

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Our Minimum Order Is €65

The minimum order is 65 euros if your company is located in Brussels.

Are you located outside of Brussels ? Contact us.

We Deliver Every Day Of The Week.

We deliver every day of the week ! Just let us know when we need to fill your team's belly !

Do You Deliver Outside Brussels ?

Just provide us with your location, and we'll confirm whether we can deliver to your office. Please note that there might be an additional delivery fee associated.

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