• A pumpkin sead bread that is cut in two with a knife laying next to it

    Pumpkin Seed Bread

    Discover our bombshell bread: slow-fermented spelt sourdough with roasted pumpkin seeds.

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  • Ancient Wheat Variety Bread

    Delve into our Ancient Wheat Sourdough bread: slow-rise, hazelnut crust marvel.

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  • Ardennais

    Experience the Ardennais bread: ancient Belgian wheat, with a distinctive rye tang.

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  • Einkorn Bread

    Savor our Einkorn Bread: 20-hour fermentation unlocks Belgian organic einkorn's full flavor.

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  • Multi-Grain Spelt Bread

    Indulge in our Multi-Grain Spelt bread: 4-seed assortment, nutritious goodness.

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  • Spelt Sourdough Bread

    Delight in our Spelt Sourdough bread: airy crumb, complex flavors.

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  • 13 Grains and Seeds Bread

    Discover the 13 Grains and Seeds bread: 7 cereals, 6 seeds, complete nutrition

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Tip to keep your bread fresh for 4 days:

Do not cut it upfront and keep it wrapped in the Gérard paper bag. Store it in a closed cabinet and enjoy it whenever you want!

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