Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

How do I place an order?

From the moment you have created an account, you will be able to place your first Gérard Bakery order.

Create your breakfast basket and make sure you achieve a minimal order value of 12 euros for all the products together.

For each product you add you can choose weather you would like to have this product in your weekly 'subscription' basked or have it for one time only. You can also opt to have no subscription and have all products delivered only once.

After, you proceed to the check out. There you will be able to choose the delivery date of the basket you just created. If you opted for the subscription, this basket will always return on the that day on a weekly basis.

When do I get charged?

You will get charged every week, 48 hours before your delivery date. This allows us to start our production and produce the exact quantity that is needed, not more nor less.

You will only be charged weekly for the products you subscribed for, the one-time products will only get deducted from your account once.


When will my delivery arrive?

Your order will be delivered on time for your breakfast. You can choose between three delivery dates, Tuesday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Tuesday: Your delivery will arrive before 7 am.

Saturday: Your delivery will arrive before 9 am.

Sunday: Your delivery will arrive before 9 am.

You will get a text message as soon as your delivery has reached your doorstep.

Where do you deliver?

We currently only deliver in Schaarbeek, Etterbeek, Auderghem, Evere, Ixelles, Haren . Hopefully, we will be able to deliver to your doorstep soon too!

Why is the delivery cost €4,5?

We have decided to take the leap of delivering sustainably. As we are open and transparent, we don't want to hide the true delivery cost. Electric vehicles, electricity, as well as, happy morning mood drivers all come at a cost...

Can I track my delivery?

Yes, at the moment our drivers leave Gérard Bakery to start their delivery round you will receive an email with a link to track your driver. It will allow you to have a real-time estimate of our driver's arrival.

Our Products

How do I know which bread will be delivered?

In order to keep you excited, we have decided to surprise you with the bread of the week.

You will not know which bread will be delivered that week until you open your Gérard Bakery basket.

Once delivered you will receive a qr code that better explains the type of bread you received, where the grains come from, etc.

Are all your products fresh?

Gérard Bakery's products are baked right before delivery. As such your bread will always be fresher than fresh!

How long does Gérard bread stays good?

Thanks to the fact that we use sourdough for all our bread-related products, your bread will remain good for 4-5 days.

You can always decide to freeze your bread, and de-freeze it as soon as you want to enjoy it.