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Authentic Bread Delivered at Your Doorstep

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    You can pick between a week, weekend, or gluten-free plan. This is a recurring payment but don't worry you can pause or cancel this subscription at any time.

  • Gérard Bakery At Work

    Our chef Sébastien carefully sources all the best ingredients to create the best sourdough recipes with a long proofing time.

  • Delivered At Your Doorstep

    We deliver before 7 am on Tuesday and before 9 am on weekend days. We don't ring doorbells, instead you will be notified by message once your breakfast has arrived.

Meet & Greet

Mr. Gérard

Hi, I am Gérard the precious sourdough that the chef Sébastien uses in all Gérard Bakery's bread-related products. Sourdough is a natural bacteria that needs to be taken care of by feeding it with water and flower. It is a natural replacement for industrial yeast.

More About Sourdough
Picture of Master Chef Sébastien in his chef suit while holding one of its creations, namely a baguette tradition.

Master Chef Sébastien

Sébastien is the master chef behind all Gérard's recipies. Having an extensive culinary experience in star restaurants Sébastien carefully sources only grains and other ingredients of the finest quality. Furthermore, he takes the time to let the dough rest to reach its full potential. At Gérard we care about your bread.

More About Séb