1. Create your basket

Build your perfect breakfast basket with artisanal bread, viennoiseries, and more. Subscribe or try once with a minimum order of €12.

After creating your weekly basket you can manage it in the future and add extra products for one time.

2. Production and your delivery

We start our production 48 hours in advance, that is how sourdough products work to gain their full flavor potential. The day of your delivery we bake all your products and piick them very precisely. At 5-6 AM in the weekend our camionnette leaves to fulfil all the orders. Therefore we use a route optimizer that determines when your package will be delivered.

This allows us to make as many stops as possible before 9AM . But unfortunately gives us the constraint that some clients will be delivered very early and others later in the morning. To not wake you up at 6am in the morning we therefore send out an SMS instead of ringing your doorbell.

In the week our camionette leaves even earlier at 4AM to deliver before 7AM.

Won't my package be stolen you might ask? Well, Gérard has never had any package stolen until now (fingers crossed). But we always try to put the package somewhere as descrete as possible. Feel free to leave a note where to leave your package.

3. Delivered At Your Doorstep

We deliver before 7 am on Tuesday and before 9 am on weekend days. We don't ring doorbells, instead you will be notified by message once your breakfast has arrived.

Don't forget to put your previously used reusable box outside the night before so that our driver can pick it up during his/her round.

The Craftmanship Of Bakery Goods

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