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Miel de printemps toutes fleurs

Miel de printemps toutes fleurs

Le miel de printemps de Bees-API provient de leurs ruches situés sur les toits de Bruxelles. Ce miel toutes fleurs est excellent à utiliser dans vos recettes ou à prendre par exemple chaque matin à jeune pour booster votre journée et renforcer votre immunité.

Le miel toutes fleurs, comme tous les produits de la ruche est riche en oligoéléments. Néanmoins, vu la pluralité et la diversité des végétaux butinés, il n'est pas facile d'identifier de manière claire et précise ses différentes vertus et bienfaits.

Mais d'une manière générale, le miel toutes fleurs est efficace dans le traitement des troubles digestifs, des maux de gorge et du sommeil. On s'en sert également pour sucrer sa tisane.

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  • Honey from flowers from the EU

How To Store

Keep closed at room temperature. Honey crystallizes naturally, in order to keep a liquid texture, it is recommended not to put honey in the refrigerator. Honey is not recommended for children under 12 months.

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About Bees-Api

How it started

It all started in 2013 with Neset, a former student at the veterinary school, who set up two beehives in his garden in Brussels.

The reason was that the trees had stopped bearing fruit because of the lack of pollination. At the time, he didn't know much about beekeeping, but he was quickly fascinated and seduced by these elegant and dangerous little beasts. In a short time, this interest led him to learn more about beekeeping and to meet other beekeepers, which allowed him to deepen and enrich his knowledge. After years of experience and trust, he finally created BEES-API BRUSSELS and began installing his hives on the rooftops of Brussels. With its young and committed team, BEES-API BRUSSELS is proud to produce local, natural and high quality honey and thus contribute to the preservation of nature.

What they find important

Bees-Api wants to ensure the well-being of bees, resepct the environment and excercise responsible beekeeping. They harvest their honeys at full maturity. They don't mix or heat their honeys. They also ensure that their honey is stored in the best conditions in order to retain all of its beneficial properties. Furthermore, Bees-Api attaches a lot of importance to the education of the public on the importance of bees and the impact that these insects have on our food as they ensure 85% of pollination).

Beehives on Rooftops in Brussels

You might wonder where Bees-Api's honey come from? Well, Bees-Api installs beehives on rooftops in Brussels. Thus, the honey you are tasting was harvested in Brussels and might come from a flower in your backyard, on your balcony or in your street.

You can also adopt a beehive by installing one on your rooftop. By doing so, you will take part in Brussel's biodiversity, 16 trees will be planted per year, and 1% of the profits will be donated to the WWF association. Of course, you will also receive jars of honey from your harvest.