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Yanesha : Pérou

Yanesha : Pérou

Torréfaction moyenne. Bel équilibre, légère acidité subtile d'agrumes en début de bouche (citron/orange) suivie de touches chocolatées en fin de bouche. Belle rondeur et corps consistant. Longueur en bouche équilibrée et agréable. Profil aromatique, complexe et puissant.

 Un café véritablement durable, de l'arbre à la tasse !
🤝 GENS ~ Équitable
🌿 PLANET~Bio/Écologique
🤎 PASSION~Artisanat Belge 🇧🇪

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About Origin Coffee

The Origin project was born out of a passion for coffee, its craftmanship and its history. Origin Coffee's aim is to be able to offer a coffee that is not only artisanal and qualitative but also ethical and sustainable.

For Arthur, the founder of Origin Coffee, it therefore, seemed essential to begin his adventure at the source, the heart of the coffee plantations bein Latin America. During his trip to Peru, Colombia, and Guatemala, he was able to discover and carefully select coffee cooperatives that correspond to Origin Coffee's values. Meeting the producers in real life also gave them the opportunity to build solid and lasting relationships based on trust and to define together a fair and equitable purchase price.

Once the carefully selected beans arrive in Belgium, Origin Coffee's coffees are expertly roasted using a slow, meticulous artisanal technique, to sublimate the beans' complex aromatic potential.

Origin Coffee is not afraid to think outside the box. Thanks to this unique approach, they can guarantee the traceability, sustainability, ethics and quality of their coffees, from the tree to your cup.