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Speculoos Chocolate Stick

Speculoos Chocolate Stick

Choc-o-lait Speculoos: A Truly Belgian delicacy: a blend of milk chocolate with the typical cinnamon touch of the Belgian ginger biscuits named speculoos.

The secret story behind the delicious, smooth cup of hot chocolate milk finds itself in the unique recipe. A core of SUBTLE GANACHE, covered in PRIME BELGIAN CHOCOLATE. This allows the chocolate to MELT FASTER and results in this delicious taste you experience when you have your cup of HOT CHOCOLATE. Moreover, the filling is just the tip of the 
iceberg when it comes to creativity... 

Usage: add 1 Choc-o-lait Original per 165ml hot milk


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How To Store

store in a cool (12-20°C) dark place.

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About Choc-O-Lait

Their Story

In 2004, the idea emerged of having a cube of premium Belgian chocolate on a stick to dissolve in hot milk and end up with a cup of mouth-watering hot cocoa. About a year later, this unique concept was launched. Choc-o-Lait takes everything and everyone back to its roots, to the good old times, to that warm and cosy feeling people get when being able to enjoy true craftsmanship. Choc-O-Lait is located in Ninove, Belgium!